Clay Fighter 2: Judgement Clay Credits (SNES)

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Clay Fighter 2: Judgement Clay Credits


These people made the gameJeremy Airey (Theres no place like work), Rodney N. Relosa (Will make games for food), Cheryl Austin (Magic anyone?), Brian Giberson (The claymaster), Julian Ridley (Tweek how many more frames?), Stephen Beam (Don't touch my hard drive), Eddie Rainwater (I drive a white truck), Brian Hendley (Goin' to the chapel), Eric Hart (Can we go home now?)
And These People Let UsBrian Fargo (Big Cheese), Alan Pavlish (Little Cheese)
Most Excellent TestersKirk Tome, Scott McKelvey, Reginald J. Arnedo, Vun Renich, Yuki Furumi, Darren L. Monahan, Robert Rooke, Jeff Woods, Jim Boone
DirectorKathleen Swain
ProducerTerry O'Brian
Clay AnimationsJerold Howard, Scott Nordlund, Tom Gibbons, Tom Gurney
Production AssistantCatherine Borg
Very Special Thanks ToAnthony Bowren

Credits (US Manual)

The ManBrian Fargo
Executive CheeseAlan Pavlish
ProducerJeremy Airey
ProgrammingEric Hart
DesignerRodney N. Relosa
Programming AsstBrian Hendley
Character ScriptingRodney N. Relosa, Jeremy Airey
Alter Ego'sJeremy Airey
Game DesignJeremy Airey, Rodney N. Relosa, Eric Hart
ArtistsCheryl Austin, Julian Ridley, Stephen Beam, Brian Giberson
Interplay Clay GuruBrian Giberson
Clay BackgroundsBrian Giberson, Cheryl Austin, Eddie Rainwater
Claymodels and AnimationsAnimation & Effects
Character Concept DesignOcto, Nana Man & Hoppy by Danger Productions
Character Concept Design Goo Goo & Kangoo by Interplay Productions & Danger Productions
Additional Models and AnimationBrian Giberson, Cheryl Austin
Interclay Light and MagicJeremy Airey, Rodney N. Relosa, Brian Giberson
Cell AnimatorsBonita Usher (as Bonita Uersh), Robert Hughs, Chris Sonnenberg, Mike Webster
Vocal DirectorsCharles Deenen, Michael McConnohie
VocalsMichael McConnohie, Steven M. Kramer, Michael Sorich, Joyce Kurtz, Terrence Stone, Richard Epcar
Vocal ProcessingRonald Valdez
Sound FXLarry Peacock, Charles Deenen
General Sound FX & Voice CoordinationBrian Luzietti, Charles Deenen
SMSG Sound DriverJason G. Andersen (as Jason Anderson), John Schappert
MusicKen Allen, Gregory R. Allen
Director of Quality AssuranceKirk Tome ("KOIK")
Lead TesterScott McKelvey
Q/A TechniciansRobert Rooke, Brian Rollason, Vun Renich, Christopher M. Benson, Stewart McKay, Jeff Woods, Amy Mitchell, Reginald J. Arnedo, Jim Boone, Jason G. Suinn, Blue Suede Goo, Bonker, Taffy, Helga, and Ickybod Clay
Manual Written byRodney N. Relosa, Jeremy Airey, and, Tony Marino
Manual Design & LayoutUlises Gerardo
Cover SculptureBrian Giberson
Cover Art PyrotechnicsRick Thrasher, Brian Giberson
Extra Special Thanks toSharon Renee Airey (my beautiful daughter), Brian Fargo, Michael Quarles, and, Alan Pavlish (for believing in me), Vun Renich (for pushing me just a little bit further)
Special Thanks toall those that wrote in response to Clay Fighter 1, 24 hours fast food chains, all those cool marketing people I'm surrounded by, my good neighbor Weez who finally got a trash can
.Well I guess that's it. I hope you stay up playing this game as much as I stayed up making it. This concludes the Clay Fighter manual, and wraps up my third year here at Interplay. Now about that vacation?
Enjoy!Jeremy Airey ''The Clayman''

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