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Disney's The Jungle Book Credits

72 people (64 developers, 8 thanks)

Team Jungle Book (Virgin)

ProgrammersChris Harvey, Jerod M. Bennett
Game DesignerParker A. Davis
Background Graphics and Presentation ArtistJennifer Terry
Lead AnimatorDean Ruggles
AnimatorsBob Steele, David Simmons

Additional Credits (Virgin)

Additional Background GraphicsKevin Toft
Additional Presentation ArtBob Stevenson, Roger Hardy Jr., Daniel Wong, Lin Shen
Additional AnimationsRoger Hardy Jr., Allyn Welty, David C. Teague, Shawn McLean, Michael Francis Dietz, Douglas TenNapel, Edward Schofield, Jeff Etter, Clark Sorenson, Susan Haight
Director of Music and FXTommy Tallarico
MusicTommy Tallarico, Joey Kuras, Mark Miller, Donald S. Griffin, Stephen Clarke-Willson, Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, Terry Gilkyson
Sound EffectsJoey Kuras
Original Game EngineMark W. J. Kelly
Lead Level DesignerParker A. Davis
Level DesignersNoah Tool, Jennifer McWilliams, Chris Bauer
Additional Map DesignWilliam Anderson, Mark Yamada
Original Design ConceptDavid Bishop, Erik Yeo
Storyboards and Conceptual ArtJulian A. Moran, Tom Tanaka, Stan Gorman, Brandon Humphreys, Kevin Toft
Supervising ProducerPamela Kleibrink Thompson
ProducersKevin Norr, Barry Pringle Sr.
Director of Software PublishingNeil Young
Virgin Studios Product CoordinatorHarvard Bonin
Assistant ProducerDavid Fries

Quality Assurance Team (Virgin)

QA ManagerDavid Maxey
Group HeadPaul Moore
Lead AnalystChris Nelsen
AnalystsAdam Ryan, Chris Rausch, Bijan Shaheer, Nick Camerota, Stacey Mendoza, Scott Manning, Chad Soares, Mitch Feldman, Chris McFarland, Craig McCoy, Paul Shoener, Jeff Gordon

Disney Credits

ProducerPatrick Gilmore
Associate ProducerJohn Santos

Special Thanks to

Special Thanks ToJulian Rignall, Tim Williams, Stephen Crow, Richard Hare, Stephen Clarke-Willson, Guy Johnson, Joel Mike Tom Crow Gypsy Frank and Clayton
Thanks to all the folks in the following VIE departmentsMarketing Sales Customer Service Accounting Hospitality Management System Support Shippin Virgin Cafe

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Credits for this game were contributed by Roedie (5250)