Donkey Kong Country Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Japanese Title Screen
Nice world map
bananas are equivalent to gold in Mario games
Kaboom! Now that was quite a blow...
Isn't he cute?
Riding a rhinoceros. Watch out, pesky frogs!
Night falls on Donkey Kong Country...
Realistic weather effects
Monkeys swinging on the rope!
A conversation with a wise man
Underground cave level
No mercy for the snakes!
Underwater level
Riding this fish is much better than swimming alone
Now we've really climbed high...
Monkeys in the barrel! You need to have a good timing in order to jump over into the other barrel
This sexy monkey babe is just a save point! How creative... ;D
Boss battle
After a big battle, you get a trophy
Interesting in-house level
Bonus level. Collect all the bananas at your pleasure :)
Metal Donkey Kong! This is a funny bug of the game!
Blue Diddy! This is a other funny bug of the game!
A gift of these is not nothing pleasant...
Funky's Flights. Totally free of charge!
A leap of faith... or DEATH?
Metal Diddy! This bug also works with him!
DK is expert to find rare treasures.
"I hate this pestering old-timer!"
The snow levels feature beautiful background graphics
A snow storm is hindering your view
Frozen ropes are difficult to climb