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DOOM Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
Finding a body armor (first level)
The distance visibility on the SNES is really, really poor. You nearly can't see the two enemies in the background.
The zoomable map
The exit of level 1. They changed this room a bit - the finer details are gone.
Intermission screen
Reloading the shotgun
A grunt, up close and personal
Getting cornered by former humans
Running across a damage floor. It's just green. There are no textures.
You don't generally want to get this close to an imp.
This zombie and imp are unhappy about you crashing their poker game.
A health pack and some cool architecture
A secret...but how to get to it?
Here comes Pinky!
Getting shot by a zombie
Going for the distance shot
Former sergeants. You're not the only one with a shotgun.
Fighting imps in the dark
Getting hit by an imp fireball
The green armor is your friend.
This was the last guy between me and the exit.
Some more cool architecture
Using a chaingun on a single zombie is overkill.
The chaingun is best for mowing down distant groups, like those colored specks.
Production Credits
Ocean logo (European version)
Players can choose the difficulty of his/her choice
Which episode would you like to play?