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Written by  :  Andrew Taylor (8)
Written on  :  Sep 03, 2003
Platform  :  SNES
Rating  :  0.6 Stars0.6 Stars0.6 Stars0.6 Stars0.6 Stars

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I hate Earthbound!!!

The Good

The battle backgrounds, and some of the music...

The Bad

Okay, this is where it gets interesting. It has NESish graphics (even worse than Super Mario World), and a lack of animation. I mean come on, when a girl kisses Ness, it just says *smooch*. In SMW, when Peach kisses Mario after saving her, she really kisses him. Not just smooch. When Venus kissed Ness, I wondered that whatever she smacked him, or kissed him. Square could do better music, and besides... MOST OF THE MUSIC IS NOT ORIGINAL WORK!!! The instrument sampling quality sucks. Heck, even the story sucks. Go see the 7 secretaries and defeat Giygas. What a rip-off of the original Sonic the Hedgehog storyline! Oh, and there's even a site FULLY dedicated to EB. Starmen.Net that is a sucky site. Everybody there... All they want is a freaking game called EB! Why Chrono Trigger is 1 multimillion times better than sucky old CursedBound. Yes CT came out the same year, 1995. I wish Square did this game, then it would rock! But Halken did it, so it sucks.

The Bottom Line

Don't get this game. You will be affected by the EB disease, your mind might reject this type of disease. Don't get it on eBay, THE GAME IS TOO EXPENSIVE THERE!!! In fact, even if you are offered this game for free. Don't get it, I want to save everyone of you from this horrible game.