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Edo no Kiba Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title Screen
Between level cutscene
Twenty million dollars of hardware and they can't even afford a car?
Ticketing in the 21st century.
The basic slash attack. You'd be doing a whole lot of this in the game.
Bill Riser you get out of here, this is not your game.
The first boss. Destroy the turrets on its trailer then take out the big one on the cabin.
This guy shows up just to taunt us before taking off.
Our next destination: the sewer level. Wonderful.
Doesn't seem so scary to me.
Boss #2 enjoys the talkative type, road trips...
...and barbecuing.
Right on, it's airship time!
Some days I really wonder what R&D is smoking.
Among other hazard the airship level specializes in bombarding you with homing rockets...
...and robots trying out their strike-out pitch with grenades
Fly Boy shows up momentarily to taunt us.
If you should meet the Buddha in the negative zone, kill him!
No, that was a load-bearing Buddha!
The next level pesters you with a single, immortal, T-1000 robot.
Well, this is a nice, relaxing place.
Augh, why does this always happen?!
Thankfully this overfed eel isn't the boss.
These two projectile-tossing ninjas are.
Mission: destroy the launching ICBMs while they're airborne.
I have an idea. It's crazy...
...but it might just be crazy enough to work.
Game Over