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ESPN Baseball Tonight SNES Title Screen



ESPN Baseball Tonight Credits

52 people (46 developers, 6 thanks)

Sony Imagesoft

Executive ProducerRich Robinson
ProducerAllan Becker
Assistant ProducerMike Giam, Brian J. Wiklem
TesterJose Cruz, Steve Ceragioli, Andre Leighton
Sony Electronic PublishingOlaf Olafsson, Lester Greenman, Len Israel, Peter Dille, Jeff Benjamin

Park Place Productions

ProgrammingAlexander Ehrath
Executive ProducerRichard Knox Sr.
ProducerJohn Smedley
Assistant ProducerJoe Hight
GraphicsDavid Estus, Stephen Mitchell
AnimationDavid Estus, Stephen Mitchell
Sprite TeamsBrian O'Hara, Karen Dole, Joe Brisbois, Dave Fenderson, Charlie Navarro, Emmanuel Valdez, Mike Lewis
Sound and MusicTristan des Prés, Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas, Jon McMack
Music DriverLawrence Hiler, Mike J. Henry
Music PlayerCopyright 1994 Chip Level Designs
Special Thanks toStephanie Worth (for her patience)
Other Special Thanks toMichael A. Knox, Troy A. Lyndon, Richard Knox Sr.
Software ToolsBill Hicks
Additional ProgrammingAndy Caldwell
SnacksJolie Hicks
TestersFrank Goodwin, Isaiah Mitchell, Dennis Quinn


Executive ProducersSteve Bornstein, Ed Durso, Dick Glover, Tom Hagopian, Jim Noel
ProducersJohn Wildhack, Steve Anderson, Noubar Stone, Jed Drake
Special Thanks toChris Berman (I will never be your beast of), Dan Patrick

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Credits for this game were contributed by chirinea (46534)