F-Zero Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Car selection
Car specs. The cars are very different on many levels.
Level 1 starts
The pink stripes to the left are the power refill area...
... which can be seen here.
Finished the race 1st place!
Second level
Third level with nasty curves
Well... my car exploded and I am out of the race :(
This demo will appear after a while if you don't press START button in the title screen.
Use carefully the jumping platforms and you can have a "explosive" aerial vision of Mute City...
Fix your low speed problems going into dash zones!
The official recorder dislikes extreme shortcuts...
The most "dangerous" point in Mute City III is this mine field. Look out or else your car will be damaged!
Choose between 7 tracks in Practice Mode and put your car in the winners' circle!
In some courses, the player will find left-pull and right-pull magnets. This objects attracts you off course. Avoid this "attack" driving in the opposite direction.
If you try cheat in the grid, your machine can collide with another one and acquire a beautiful color...
Dr. Robert Stuart's Golden Fox is the lightest car of the 4 available ones. Then, it is most easy to execute tight turns.
You'll receive a S-JET (Turbo) in each lap completed. This is the exact moment where you earn one...
Drive in reverse is a big trouble!
Driving on ice can be dangerous; especially with Golden Fox
Fire Field: The most difficult track, with tight turns and other hazards.
Golden Fox seen from a different angle (Front).
Getting ready for the big jump on Red Canyon II
The big arrow shaped jump plate on Red Canyon II
The short cut on Silence is covered with two rows of mines
Flying over the big pit on White Land II.
Touching an orange coloured rival car with power down is not recommended.
These purple (and also green) coloured rival cars fill up the positions from 5 to 20.
I'm near leader
chase group of opponents.