Fighter's History Trivia (SNES)

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At the time of the arcade release of Fighter's History, Capcom U.S.A. sued Data East Corp. over Fighter's History. Capcom felt infringements on their Street Fighter II property, but lost the case on grounds that the copied elements were scenes a faire, thus excluded from copyright. As for Data East, their largest objection in court was that Karate Champ, released in 1984, was the true originator of the genre, it predated the original Street Fighter (released in 1987) by three years.

As a side note, Data East themselves had 5 years earlier pressed similar charges against Epyx for World Karate Championship, because it resembled their own Karate Champ a little too much. As with the Capcom case, the charges were eventually revoked.


Pony Canyon (sic) released a limited edition soundtrack on June 18, 1993 (before the game was ported to SNES), which featured a total of 15 tracks from the game.

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