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Advertising Blurbs

U.S. print ad (SNES & Genesis):

    Now Available On Super Nintendo!

    Experience Flashback, the world's first cartridge game with CD-ROM-quality action and graphics. With its fluid 24-frame-per-second movements, incredible graphics, and awesome animated sequences, it's like watching the wildest sci-fi flick in history - and you're the star!

    As super-agent Conrad Hart, you must battle your way through six worlds, seven levels and scores of futuristic foes to save Earth from alien infestation. With its unbelievable sound and visuals, you'll swear Flashback is real. At this rate, who needs CD-ROM?

    Contributed by lugnut (382) on May 13, 2004.

U.S. print ad (Genesis):
    The First CD-ROM Game in a Cartridge!

    Flashback - the first game ever to pump awesome high-octane CD-ROM performance from a cartridge. The action screams along at 24-frames-per-second. Just like movie animation. And after each level, the game moves along with animated sequences that are straight out of Hollywood. Excellent!
    The plot? You play the part of Conrad Hart, a GBI agent in training. You stumble on a bizarre alien plot to conquer the earth. Now you've got to outwit and combat droves of replicants, deadly aliens, traps and other stuff too weird for words. No problem for a pro like you...NOT!
    Still not convinced? Then check it out at your local game habitat. Flashback - it's like putting your Genesis into warp drive.

    Planet Titan: It's a jungle out there. Filled with mutants, antimatter fields and other weird stuff.

    New Washington: Find your memory (remember that?), then go undercover to avoid the Heat.

    Death Tower: In a futuristic gladiator battle, it's a fight to the finish against replicants.

    Paradise Club: You sniff out the aliens' bizarro plans but now they're on to you, dude.

    Earth: Oops! Your identity is uncovered. Now robot cops want to pulverize you.

    Planet Morphs: Surprise! You show up at the aliens' HQ. They don't look happy!

    Exclusive 14-page Marvel Comic Book included inside the package.

    Contributed by lugnut (382) on May 12, 2004.

Back Cover - Jaguar:
    You're Conrad B. Hart, Galaxis Bureau of Investigation Agent and right now you're stranded on a far-away planet after discovering an alien plot to overtake Earth. You must travel and find your way through four planets back to Earth and foil the aliens' sinister and deadly plans.

    The award winning sci-fi action adventure comes to Jaguar. And it's gonna rip you right out of your comfortable little century and hurl you smack into a time and place that'll have you begging for a nap!

    "An incredible gaming experience that breaks new ground in the areas of action and adventure." -EGM's '94 Video Game Buyers Guide

  • Film-style, fluid 24 frames-per-second animation and gives life-like movements to this wild action game.

  • You star as super-agent Conrad Hart, stranded on a far-away planet after you discover an alien plot to overtake Earth.

  • 7 challenging and intriguing levels of action that never let up - 6 graphically detailed sectors.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76447) on Nov 12, 2003.

Back Cover - DOS US version:
  • Unquestionably the most eagerly awaited game for years
  • Stunning 24 frame per second screen updates resulting in superb animations
  • The smoothest, most lifelike characters ever seen
  • Unrivalled graphic qualities
  • Uniquely styled game play
  • Addictive formula combining strategy and speed with initiative and reflexes..
  • Compelling movie atmosphere

    THE RESULT: undoubtedly the best game of its kind

    Contributed by Jeanne (76447) on Nov 12, 2003.

Back Cover - Genesis European release:
    2142 AD. Stranded on a bizarre alien planet with your memory artificially erased, you must battle your way back to Earth to stop the invading mutant forces... FLASHBACK ... the ultimate test in survival. "Stunning graphics and amazing animation together with tense, atmospheric and highly addictive gameplay makes Flashback one of the best Mega Drive releases for years." - MEAN MACHINES.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76447) on Nov 12, 2003.

Back Cover - DOS - SSI US release:
    Year 2142. Titan Planet... a young student, Conrad B. Hart met them. Who are they and where do they come from? Conrad knows the answers but he has lost his memory and his instinct pushes him into running away... A scenario worthy of a real action movie, a bustling character, stunning animation and neat settings: Flashback is set to be a straight off success, a real must-have among the games.

    From the back of the SSI American release box:

    The only science-fictIon action adventure with movie-lIke anImation!


    Flashback uses movie-making technology to the max. We filmed real actors in motion. Then we brought everything to life on the computer through rotoscoping, the digitization and retouching of live action film — at 24 frames a second!

    What’s it all mean? Simply the smoothest animation ever! Run, jump, roll or stagger — with incredibly subtle and fluid movement. Fire your weapon and watch your body recoil and your enemy crumple with remarkable realism!

    LIKE A GREAT MOVIE, Flashback combines an intricate plot, exciting music score, sizzling sound effects, spine-tingling suspense and dynamite action.

    Step into this awesome cinematic experience as Conrad B. Hart, a scientist who’s made a horrifying discovery: Earth has been infiltrated by shape-shifting aliens bent on world conquest! To save Earth, you must fight through three fantastic worlds and 200 game screens! Solve dozens of mind-bending puzzles. Survive 50+ hours of nonstop fun, action and excitement!


    Over 75 fully animated cinematics, complete with pan-and-zoom effects, direct you through the twists and turns of the plot. An exclusive zoom-in mode lets you check out the action on the screen at over twice the normal size. The password feature allows you to resume play at different stages of the adventure.

    Flashback. You’ll have to keep reminding yourself it’s only a game. Not a movie.

    Contributed by faceless (444) on Dec 09, 1999.