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Judge Dredd Credits

Dredd Team: Probe

ProgrammerCarl Muller
AnimatorsEric Bailey, Lloyd Chidgzey, Darren Goodacre, Pierson Lippard
Executive ProducerTony R. Porter
ProducersJames Stewart, Keith Jackson, Greg Michael
BackgroundsBlizzard, Steve Middleton, Phil Williams
MusicAndrew Brock
SFXAndrew Brock
Senior Level DesignerSimon Bland
Level DesignersAndrew Cambridge, Benedict O'Reilly
Q. A. TeamTim Bradstock, Gary Patino, James Brown, Vicky Cheale, Nick McGee, Michael Movel, Clifford Ramsey, Mark Viccary
ThanksTim May's CD player, Rob Northen, Dan Phillips, David Shea

Dredd Team: Acclaim (The Acclaim Black Team)

ProducerTyrone Miller
Associate ProducersMichael Archer, Douglas Yellin
Lead AnalystSimon Gouldstone
AnalystJoseph Mazziotto

Acclaim Quality Assurance

Q. A. SupervisorCarol Caracciolo
Lead Q. A. TesterAdam Ingberman
Q/A GroupHal Turkiewicz, Steve Bremer, Eric Hendrickson, Michael Mazziotto

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159012) and Evil Ryu (65810)