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Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run Credits (SNES)

Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run SNES The game's title screen, featuring You-Know-Who.


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Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run Credits


Head ProgrammerOliver Norton (credited as O. Norton)
ProgrammerIan Manders (credited as I. Manders)
Additional ProgrammingJeff Stafford (credited as J. Stafford), Steve Patrick (credited as S. Patrick)
Characters / AnimationNeil Crook (credited as N. Crook), Carl Tilley (credited as C. Tilley), Phil Dunne (credited as P. Dunne)
BackgroundsPhil Dunne (credited as P. Dunne), Carl Tilley (credited as C. Tilley), Dean Smith (credited as D. Smith)
Graphic ManipulationCarl Tilley (credited as C. Tilley), Neil Crook (credited as N. Crook), Dean Smith (credited as D. Smith)
Motion Capture ActorsNeil Crook (credited as N. Crook), Oliver Davies (credited as O. Davies), Jeff Stafford (credited as J. Stafford)
Music & EffectsEveline Novakovic (credited as E. Fischer)
Voice SamplesJ. Kampmann
Game DesignerOliver Davies (credited as O. Davies)
Additional DesignPhil Dunne (credited as P. Dunne), Oliver Norton (credited as O. Norton)
Rare Quality AssuranceHuw Ward (credited as H. Ward), Gary Richards (credited as G. Richards), Simon Farmer (credited as S. Farmer), Gavin Hood (credited as G. Hood), George Andreas (credited as G. Andreas), John Hastie (credited as J. Hastie), John A. Charlesworth (credited as J. Charlesworth), David Doak (credited as D. Doak), Stephen Stamper (credited as S. Stamper)
Nintendo Product ManagerDaniel Owsen (credited as D. Owsen)
Nintendo Testing and Evaluation CoordinationTim Bechtel (credited as T. Bechtel), Henry C. Sterchi (credited as H. Sterchi)
U.S. Baseball AdvisorEileen Hochberg (credited as E. Hochberg)
Nintendo Product TestingMichael Kelbaugh (credited as M. Kelbaugh), Richard S. Richardson (credited as R. Richardson), Chris Needham (credited as C. Needham), Thomas Hertzog (credited as T. Hertzog), Robert Johnson (credited as R. Johnson), Erich Waas (credited as E. Waas), Armond Williams Jr. (credited as A. Williams), Branch Office, Bleacher Creatures
Special ThanksJoel Hochberg (credited as J. Hochberg), Minoru Arakawa (credited as M. Arakawa), Howard Lincoln (credited as H. Lincoln), Manabu Fukuda (credited as M. Fukuda), Colin Palmer (credited as C. Palmer), Birmingham Braves
ProducerRare Ltd.
Presented byNintendo

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (216575)