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The Lion King Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
First level
It's kinda comfortable here in this nest
Boss battle - hyena
Nice cut scene
Animals level
Jumping on giraffas
Riding an ostrich
Wow, so many hippos!
Another mini-game - collect those bugs
Fighting two hyenas at once
Down to the elephants' graveyard...
Two hyenas observing the sunrise.
If you not run, you die!
Water skiing can be one amusing pastime in the vacant hours...
Jump on the wooden pieces of this waterfall if you want to survive!
It is a lack of education to interrupt the other people's lunch. The consequences can be bad...
In his adult form, Simba can use his claws as attack form.
"I'm the jungle king! There's no place for losers!"
The danger is below...
An important message...
You'll face the final boss in the beginning of the final level. But that's not the end.
A tired hyena can represent some threat?
Continue screen.
Entering a cave.
To cross a boiling level with some flying bad guys requires caution...
The monkeys are waiting for you. You can roar at the pink monkeys to make them face another direction