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Looney Tunes B-Ball Credits

65 people (50 developers, 15 thanks)

A Sculptured Software Production

Original ConceptDavid Siller, Rita Zimmerer
Game DesignNed Martin
ProgramNed Martin
Additional ProgrammingDan Enfield
Director of AnimationClark Sorenson
Lead ArtistHeinee Hinrichsen
Lead AnimatorsClark Sorenson, Derek Benson
Animation Touch-UpRyan Silva, Nicholas Wilson, Michael Platteter
More Animation Touch-UpDallin Haws, Heinee Hinrichsen
Original Backgrounds (Paint)Joel Izatt
Original Backgrounds (Pixel)Dallin Haws
Additional ArtMike Peery, Michael Lott, Alan Taylor
SoundPaul Webb, James Hebdon, Mark Ganus
MusicPaul Webb, James Hebdon, Mark Ganus
Original MusicH. Kingsley Thurber, Roy Wilkins
Game Play ConsultationArti Haroutunian
TestingVince Bracken, Dakota Brownlee, Joe Buffington, Matt Grate, Chris Olson, Gary Rowberry

SunSoft Staff

Additional DesignDavid Siller
Vice President DevelopmentDavid Siller
ProducerRené Boutin
Technical ManagerAl Artus
Consumer Games ManagerSteve Gehrke
Quality AssuranceSam Patel, Steve Rizor, Kelly McCarthy Fitzgerald, Peter Marquez, Dan MacArthur, Justin Siller, Mario Zavala
ChairmanMasami Maeda
Vice ChairmanTad Shimamoto
General ManagerKenji Yoshioka
Director Sunsoft of JapanKiharu Yoshida
Marketing DirectorKaren Shadley
Game ManualAlison Quirion
Executive AssistantNanette Hyssong
Customer ServiceKazuko Harman, June Eckert, Connie Perez, Jamie Jorgenson, Erin Berry, Jaupale Laster
Special Thanks toBruce Reilly, Cathy Juby, Julie Williams, Toko Okano, Kazuaki Gotō, Masato Kawai, Akito Takeuchi, Karen Lillie, Darin Horgan, Sherry Mann, Mary Ice, John Davis
Special Thanks to (At Warner Consumer Products)Luana Chambers, Holly J. Stein, Laetitia May

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Credits for this game were contributed by Shoddyan (14310)