Mortal Kombat II Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Character select screen.
About to do an infamous fatality...
Someone lost his skin...
Title screen
Introducing the characters
Nice technique!
Nice main menu
Choosing your opponent
Continue screen
I'm strong, I'm so strong!
Sorry, but I think your nose is bleeding - can I help you?
The ghosts are watching
Don't be afraid, I just wanna talk to you
Game over
Using his popping-head Fatality, Jax crumbles Kitana's head completely!
With his fast Blade Fury move, Baraka removes a lot more of Kung Lao's energy.
After a double flawless, Kitana makes her victory pose beside Johnny Cage's "nestling"...
Escaping successfully of Kung Lao's Hat Throw using his Slide, Sub-Zero changes the fight situation.
The result of Kitana's Fan Slice Fatality? Liters of blood gushing of a decapitated Sub-Zero...
Scorpion solves some personal differences with Sub-Zero using his sharp-blooding harpoon.
After knocked off Mileena's 3 heads (?!?), Johnny Cage shows to her who is the "main star"!
Projectile clash between Reptile's Force Ball and Liu Kang's High "Dragon" Fireball.
Mysteriously hidden behind a tree, Smoke sees Kitana using the Fan Lift in her alter-ego.
Jade throws her fan into Scorpion, but he is almost striking back with a jump kick...
Smoke comes to fight now and his first move is a bloody uppercut in Johnny Cage!
Liu Kang attacks with his Flying Kick and Noob Saibot makes the respective blocking position.
Reptile was caught by Kintaro's feet-stomping move and now is forced to feel the consequences...
In a risky (and successful) movement, Rayden escapes Shao Kahn's Light Arrow using his teleport.