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Written by  :  Mr. Huh (112)
Written on  :  Mar 01, 2005
Platform  :  SNES

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Butchered. The only way to describe this port

The Good

The Game at its heart is mortal kombat. Nothing can change the familiar gameplay of it. So lets start off with the good of this port.

Graphics are very faithful to the arcade. The colors are stunning and look great. The game also has great backgrounds just like the arcade.

The voices are also here in most of their glory. A good amount of the voices were captured. If I remember correctrly it's missing a few from the arcade but for the most part it gots them down pat.

The Music is highly reminiscent of the arcade. This is a GOOD Thing. The arcade had quite a few memorable tunes. The Goro fight music is one of the most memorable mortal kombat fight themes ever.

The gameplay is intact. You know. The moves and the combos. If you can do some kombat in the arcade you can kombat on home.

This game pissed off Joe Liebermen

The Bad

NOW for the bad

BUTCHERED GAME PLAY. When I say butchered let me put it where it counts. The blood is replaced with "sweat" and the fatalities are cut out. Sub Zero's spine rip is now a freeze and a highpunch that breaks the ice. Johnny Cage's Uppercut fatality is now a wussy shadow kick that paralyzes them I guess. Raiden just shocks you and you faint. Kano still does his heart removal move but the move shows a grey thing. What is that? His sweat gland?

They censored Fatality to Finishing Move

Gameplay is not as smooth as the genesis or the arcade. Though the graphics are better the smoothness is a bit off compared to genesis or arcade.

The overall butchering makes it so this game is only mortal kombat in name but not in heart and soul

The Bottom Line

Overall this game is butchered horribly. The gameplay still stands quite a bit but the censorship is so bad that you don't get the full effect. A full 6/10.l I'm being pretty generous too.