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Mortal Kombat Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title Screen
Choose Your Fighter
Cage throws Scorpion
Cage Wins
Sub-Zero deep freezes Sonya
You have a long journey...
The classical Scorpion's harpoon.
Scorpion's specialty: morph the kombatants in skeletons.
Some seconds you've to continue and strike back!
You've launched your opponent in the pit bottom. But the SNES version possess a weak point: NO BLOOD!
Goro is considered the most tough fighter of the game. But this is only impression...
Sub-Zero has the ability to transform the opponents into "sculptures" during its fatality. And later...
However, Kano has a quaint craze to pull out hearts. Perhaps he makes collection...
Sonia's Fatality: Kiss of Death.
Press A and B buttons quickly to increase the power level and reach the red line (or exceeds it). Then press any block button (L or R) to break the object and test your might.
Look out! Extreme electricity can dissolve everybody in question of seconds...
Johnny Cage's Fatality. Without blood is VERY boring.
Liu Kang's fireball has certain destination!
Goro in action.
Sonya prepares the counter-attack.
I'm sure that you'll use this move in 99% of the game!
Kano and your "fireball".
Fight with elders and old mans: total "disrespect"! But in this specific case, it's your destiny...
This Rayden's move leads the opponent until the "wall", where it suffers a strong impact.
This time, Scorpion's harpoon failed in catch the opponent and now the ninja will suffer the consequences...
Simultaneous sweeps.
Two Scorpions fighting? No, only one of these is real...
Sonya kicks Scorpion's face, removing some "sweat".
Try again, dude: this pretty fighter is ready to the challenge!