Mr. Nutz Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen / Main menu.
Using a caterpillar as trampoline
Throwing a nut at a bee
Strange enemies
The small beetle wants to throw something at Mr. Nutz
The first end-boss, a large spider
World map
Killing a caterpillar with Mr: Nutz' tail attack
These small black boxes serve as trampolines
A large mole
In front of a house, dodging the attack of the scarecrow
The second boss
Inside the house - the living room
In the kitchen
Swinging on a rope
You will often need to find switches like this one in order to progress
In the kitchen sink, after being shrunken
Going through the tubes, Sonic-style
Boss-fight, don't let the octopus get above you.
Volcano level
Lots of annoying little bats
Jumping over porous platforms
Don't get smashed!
These dragons can't be killed
Cloud level
Some familiar enemies
Background graphics are very detailed.
Mean Street level
A kangaroo attacks
Deadly flowers
Solid bridge
Title screen / Main menu. (Japanese version)