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Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

The legend of the Golden Condor...
Beautiful intro
Is the Golden Land there?..
Nice title screen with birds flying by
Nice starting screen
Cut scene: a dream about the Golden Condor
Shiren and Koppa
Close-up on Koppa
Fighting bad dudes on a forest path
The map grows the more you explore the area
Listening to a conversation
Talking to an old guy
Hmm, where to go now?
Shiren is sleeping
Crossing a bridge
On a roof
Lots of people in this tavern...
Found some treasure
Gray mountains
High scores
Near the Bamboo Village
Mountain path with bridges
Fighting some pesky guys on a narrow path
Reading scrolls can unleash some powerful magic, but will use it up.
An enemy dispatched!
A magic item allows Shiren to travel through walls for a time
Traps can have all kinds of effects
Shiren must eat to keep his energy up
Monster Lair's tend to be packed with aggressive creatures
Some dungeons contain hidden rooms which are not accessible normally