NBA Jam Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
Choosing your team
He's on fire!
Tonight's Match up
A little pushing a shoving
Swish! 2 points
NBA Jam is full of different looking dunks
Harper catches some air
The game heats up...
Coaching Tips pop up beween quarters
Ewing isn't coming down from there
It's a rebound!
A successful defense is important
Misses the ball and it goes in
Half-Time Show
Half-Time Stats for the players
The commentators watch all the action
Smash through the glass on the backboard!
Three Points... if it goes in.
Getting ready to run down the court
The initials you use are your "saved game" of stats and information
Sacramento at Dallas in the first half
Getting ready for a pass
Dunks are what it's all about.
Hey? Is that ball on fire!?
Back to centre court
Mix-up near the net. Why is everyone wearing blue?
Shoot the ball just as the buzzer sounds...