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Print advertisement - PC Player 11/1997:

    NBA LIVE 98

    Die Stimmung im Stadion reißt Sie mit, Sie dribbeln über das Feld. Doch je näher Sie dem Ziel kommen, desto kleiner scheint der Korb zu werden. 3,50 Meter über dem Boden, klein wie ein Nadelöhr, Sie springen, der Dunk gelingt, und die Zuschauer jubeln!
    Jenseits des Vorstellbaren
    NBA Live 98 - Meet the Dream Team!

    Originalgetreue Paß-Optionen

    Detaillierte Spieler-Animationen

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (218364) on Apr 16, 2010.

Back of Box-SNES (US):

    The Soul of Hoops Brings the Power

    With tight moves and competition-tested gameplay, NBA Live 98 delivers the raw Power of today’s NBA. Power Slams, Power Moves, Power Competition. Want some?

    • Reverse layups, baseball passes, scoop shots, alley-oops, intentional fouls, and double teaming

    • 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 half court games

    • New-3-point contest

    • New-Team and player practice mode

    • New-Realistic trading mode incorporating player ratings

    • Exhibition, Season, and Playoffs modes

    • All 29 NBA teams, both All-Star teams, and 4 custom teams

    • Create, edit, and trade your own players

    • Real NBA players updated with complete 1996-1997 stats

    • New-CPU-generated mid-season All-Star game

    Contributed by Thomas T (230) on May 01, 2008.
    NBA LIVE '98 is an improvement over the previous year's version, as it features a host of new options. One of the most notable features that fans of the series will notice is that you can still create your own players, but now you can also create entire teams. Icon Passing is a popular staple of the series, which allows you to pass the ball to a specific teammate. You can also choose from a complete playbook of offensive and defensive plays that can be called on the fly, which keeps the flow of the game intact. With regard to game modes, you'll find Exhibition games, Season mode, Playoffs, and a new 3-Point Shootout mode. TNT's own Verne Lundquist provides the play-by-play commentary, which helps put you right in the game. You can also take on a friend in the Versus mode to prove your hardwood supremacy.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65826) on Mar 23, 2006.