NBA Showdown Credits


Executive ProducerDon Traeger
ProducerJim Rushing
Associate ProducerTodd Gilliland
Lead ProgrammerAllan Johanson
ProgrammersDaniel Ng, Daniel Scott, Douglas E. Smith
Lead ArtistMike S. Smith
ArtistsDarrell Olthuis, Theresa Henry, Markus Tessmann
Music & SFXTraz Damji
Sound TechnologyKrisjan Hatlelid
Development ProducerRob Martyn
Assistant Development ProducerMarc Aubanel
TestingLee Patterson, Mike Lopez
Product ManagementGary Gettys
Special ThanksIain Macanulty, Lisa Ching, Paul Vernon, John Brooks

Original Staff (Japanese manual)

ProducerDon Traeger, Jim Rushing
Development ProducerRob Martyn
Assistant Development ProducerMarc Aubanel
ProgrammingDouglas E. Smith (Doug Smith), Allan Johanson (Al Johanson), Daniel Scott (Dan Scott)
Sound & MusicTraz Damji
GraphicsMike S. Smith (Mike Smith), Darrell Olthuis, Theresa Henry (Theresa Henry-Smith)

Localization Team

ProgrammingHiroshi Ueda
GraphicsNorie Miura
ProducerMasahiko Yoshizawa (Masa Yoshizawa)

Japanese Staff

ProducerMasato Mizushima
Assistant ProducerYasuhiro Suzuki, Noriaki Ogata
Manual / Package DesignSeiichi Mitani, Takayuki Minegishi (COMIX BRAND), Takuji Hikino (COMIX BRAND)
Special Thanks toToshiya Kubo, Sony Records

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Credits for this game were contributed by Roedie (5253) and リカルド・フィリペ (152412)