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NHL '94 Credits (SNES)

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NHL '94 Credits


Design adapted byMichael Brook
ProgrammingAmory Wong, Robert White, Rod Reddekopp
Additional ProgrammingErik T. Kiss, Bill Fowler, David Cameron Galloway
GraphicsAthena Baxevanakis, Laura Luris, Mike S. Smith
MusicMichael J. Sokyrka
Sound FXJeff van Dyck
Organ Music byDieter Ruehle, Michael J. Sokyrka
Executive ProducerScott Orr
ProducerMichael Brook
Development ProducerHanno Lemke
Technical DirectorRob Harris
Assistant ProducersScott Probin, Ken Sayler
TestingDavid Hards, David Costa
Additional TestingJeff Hasson, John Santamaria, James Fairweather, Joe Henry, Paul Smith, Henry Song, Minh Tang
Player Ratings byIgor Kuperman
Player Card Photos bySteve Babineau
Special Thanks toBob Borgen, Dan Brook, Randy Delucchi, Barry Melrose, Jeff Parr, Ian Pulver, Michael Rubinelli, Dave Warfield, Kyra Pehrson
Project ManagerChip Lange
Art DirectorNancy Waisanen
Package DesignSingee
Package PhotosSteve Babineau
Quality AssuranceJonathan Skolnick, Paul Armatta, Terrence Chin
DocumentationTimothy S. Flanagan, A. C. Smith
Documentation LayoutLaurie Lau

Japanese Localization

Department ProducerIvan Allan
ProgrammingRod Reddekopp, Hiroshi Ueda
GraphicNorie Miura
Assistant ProducerMasahiko Yoshizawa
Lead TesterNoriaki Ogata
TestingTakashi Iwama, Yoshihiro Kawasaki, Hiroyuki Kinjo, Satoshi Chiyonobu
ProducerMasato Mizushima

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (225959) and Freeman (50717)