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NHL 96 Credits (SNES)

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NHL 96 Credits


ProgrammingJason G. Andersen
Design Adapted byScott Probin
Additional DesignKen Rogers
Executive ProducerScott Orr
Supervising ProducerRob Martyn
Associate ProducerScott Probin, Ken Rogers
GraphicsTom Papadatos, Ian House, Walter Ianneo, Jeff Stokol
SoundBrian Schmidt
MusicBrian Schmidt
Technical DirectorKen Zarifes
Product ManagerScott Gummer
DocumentationBill Scheppler
Documentation LayoutDavid Mauro
Package DesignCorey Higgins, Micki Cunningham
Package Art DirectionCorey Higgins
Project CoordinatorKyra Pehrson
Lead TesterShawn Jacoby
Product TestingCody Murry, Sean House, Ken Spalasso, John Morrison
Quality AssuranceMike Gong, Matt Soares, Brian Studwell
Additional ArtGreg Jobes, Glen Cotter, Arlin Robins, Peter Mitchell-Dayton, Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton
Player RatingsJohn Rosasco, Neil Smith (New York Rangers)
Special Thanks ToChip Lange, Stewart Putney, Rich Rogers, John Schappert, Steven Chiang, Donnie Worley, Ivan Paganacci, Esther Sumka, Mike McIntyre, Gary Miller, Erik Stroman, Mary Snow, Eric Kohler
Mastering byJohn A. Williams
"Get Ready For This" Written byJean Paul De Coster, Filip De Wilde, Simon Harris
Published byMusic Corporation of America Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (50970), Corn Popper (69287) and formercontrib (159196)