Norse by Norse West: The Return of the Lost Vikings Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

The team
Title screen.
Main menu.
A bit of background...
The evil Tomator.
Our heroes have been caught again by the evil Tomator.
After defeating Tomator's guards, the vikings gather new equipment from them.
Oops, the vikings were sent to Transylvania, 1437 A.D.
This game, like the previous, is pretty much self-explicative.
This witch will help our heroes while they're in Transylvania.
Baleog brandishing his new light saber!
Olaf, in a not very comfortable position...
Olaf using his shield to avoid the fire.
Baleog using his new bionic arm to beat an enemy at distance.
Olaf, using his shield to glide.
Olaf can also shrink himself and get through small passages.
In order to proceed to new levels, the vikings must collect objects for the witche's stew.
Eric, having trouble by removing his helm.
Baleog can use his bionic arm to grab objects at distance.
Eric can breath under water thanks to his new elm.
Olaf can use his "internal gases" to avoid falling too fast.
Baleog using his bionic arm to play Tarzan.
Eric can run and break walls with his elm.
Our heroes find Fang, a werewolf who becomes part of the team now.
Fang can attack enemies with his claws.
Fang can also grab himself to walls.
The vikings finally get to the time machine.
But it seems they didn't get to their time. Oh well, here we go again...
Our three heroes at Valhalla doors.
Game over.
Pirate ship-themed level
Scorch the dragon
Jungle theme. Scorch can fly for limited time and breathe fire
Plants will constantly grow back to hurt you in the jungle
There are places that only Fang can reach
End of the world-theme
Evil Tomator
Do a little something -- and each character will get a new power to make the game much, much easier. For example, Erik will learn to shoot fireballs...
Baleog will learn to jump, etc.