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Operation Logic Bomb Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Man or Machine...
Title Screen
Attacking a ring of turrets
Take this red soldier!
Shooting through a glass window
Acessing a map terminal
Playbacks of different events during and leading up to the accident is all the story you're going to get
Dimensional rips (the blue area) show that reality itself is corrupted.
Two dimensions collide in this otherwise green valley
Devices such as this are setup to spread the dimensional corruption
The spread weapon hits all these turrets at once
This laser weapon bounces off walls
Few good things come from big holes like this
These slimes have a nasty habit of exploding
The flamethrower's flame follows over inclines and around corners
The flames once again become useful to destroy this switch
A long-range view of a gigantic boss
Dimsenional devices also come in smaller sizes
With the corruption removed, reality restores itself
Turrets placed inside of rocks
Homing rocket weapons
The holograph fools enemies
Exploding slimes are less fearsome when they can't tell which person is real to explode over.
The mine weapon has a strong blast
These flying insects tend to swarm your character
Not all walls are that solid
Inside of a strange dimesion
Ambushed by enemies in a strange dimsension
A scientist is cornered
A mechanical guardian