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Outlander Credits


Project LeadJeff Gamon
ProgrammingJeff Gamon, Jonathan Taylor, Andy Kerridge
GraphicsSteve Leney, Ian Faichnie, Paul Stevens
Game DesignSteve Leney, Jeff Gamon, Richard Leinfellner
Additional GraphicsHerman Serrano
Original MusicBen Watkins
MusicMark Knight
EffectsMark Knight
Special thanksDavid Amor (Pog), Steve Whittle, Mindscape Q&A, Toolworks Q&A
ProducersJim Molitor, Ken George
Quality Assurance LeadScot Lane
Quality Assurance CoordinatorMarty LaFleur
Quality Assurance EngineersMark Machin, Mia Garside
Customer Service LeadDave Buoncristiani
Customer ServiceSusan Ann Hayes, Douglas J. Valente, Milton Hodges, Dan Mack, Stephen Feaster, Alexei Kulberg, Kevin P. Costello
VP/CTODavid P. Grenewetzki
Senior VPMark Beaumont
Marketing CoordinatorRuth A. Weston
Manual AdaptionViveros and Associates Inc.
Manual DesignViveros and Associates Inc.
Manual IllustrationsStan Watts
Manual Ingame ScreenshotsViveros and Associates Inc.
Creative Service ManagerJulie Lippold Stier

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158973) and Игги Друге (46392)