Phalanx Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen.
The mother-ship puts you into stage 1
System Configuration. Funny.
Loads of enemies right from the start...
...and they're quick
Fire from the background while attacked from the front
Hard work taking the bigger ones down with the standard gun
2nd mission introduction.
2nd mission boss.
3rd mission - Bio Cave. Against one of the many weird creatures.
4th mission introduction.
So many "bullets" but it could be worse.
Mid-boss or something like that.
Another "mid-boss"...
...left so many gifts. Thanks.
Finally... the real badass.
Stage clear.
Start of the 5th mission.
5th mission is called... "Destroyer".
One of the bosses.
Defeated another lame boss.
6th mission introduction.
Welcome to KEMCO.
More advertisements.
6th mission boss.
7th mission - Hyper Space. Caution!!
"Caution" because of this thing.
"8th" mission.
No enemies for a while.
That's a cutie.
Stop chasing me.
No more shooting. Just copulation and nothing else.