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    Who ever said Being Prince Was Easy?

    Just when he thought you'd had it all, the evil magician Jaffar assumes your identity, steals your beloved princess, and casts you out of the palace as a beggar.

    With ferocious palace guards in pursuit, you flee from rooftop to rooftop, through caverns, across a desert island, passed into ruins and beyond. You battle through 15 treacherous levels, encountering serpents, spikes, magic spells, quick sand, skeleton swords men, disembodied heads, and then... Well, things just get a mite tricky.

    Sword play as real as a slashing scimitar!

    Your heart will pound as the thrust in parry. One false step, one moment's hesitation, and your history---and rather gruesome history at that. Don't be deceived by the stunning graphics and hypnotic soundtrack. Behind the veil of beauty lurks a shadowy menace as relentless, unpredictable and just plain nasty as any you'd ever encountered.

  • Incredible lifelike sword fighting against multiple opponents.

  • Cinematic storyline with narration and eye-catching transitions

  • animated from actual movie clips for breathtakingly fluid motion.

  • Awesome musical score and sound effects, highly detailed graphics.

  • Lethal death traps, maddening mazes and riddles.

  • Five exotic environments.

  • Fifteen hair raising levels of increasing difficulty.

  • Contributed by Trixter (9125) on Mar 05, 1999.