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Road Runner's Death Valley Rally Credits

52 people (18 developers, 34 thanks)

Developed By Icom Simulations, Inc.

Design and DirectionJeff Troutman, Brian Babendererde, Mike Garber, David Marsh
ProgrammingMike Garber
BackgroundsBrian Babendererde
Art Direction and AnimationJeff Troutman
ProducerDavid Marsh
MusicNew Romantic Productions
Additional DesignKarl Roelofs
Additional ArtworkDavid Marsh
Technical ConsultantsTodd Squires, Duncan Meech, Andrew Glaister, Brian Baker, Joseph Gaucher
Special Thanks toDennis Defensor, Kenneth Tarolla, Carol Balkcom, Fred Allen, Teri Marsh, Sandy Troutman, Mark Pavliny, Jason Brusa, Matt Helms, The Group
Very Special Thanks toChuck Jones, Mike J. Henry

Published By Sunsoft

Director of Product DevelopmentDavid Siller
Technical ManagerAl Artus
Product Development CoordinatorRita Zimmerer
Executive CommitteeJoe Robbins, Tad Shimamoto, Kiharu Yoshida
ChairmanMasami Maeda
Special Thanks toAkito Takeuchi, Kazuaki Okumura, Masato Kawai, Shizuya Furukawa, Steve Gehrke, Kazuko Harman, Karen Shadley, Nanette Hyssong, Martha Hart, June Eckert, Jamie Jorgenson, Amee Patel, Sam Patel, Mark Luszcz, Erin Berry, Cathy Juby, Nancy Wood, Connie Perez, Bruce Reilly, Darin Horgan, Julie Williams
Very Special Thanks toLuana Chambers

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65770)