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RoboCop Versus the Terminator Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
Copyright screen
The criminal element in Old Detriot seems to consist solely of uzi-wielding babes in tight vinyl outfits
The future of law enforcement... Robocop shoots a punk in the face with his rocket launcher
Throughout the first level, Robocop is constantly harrassed by a mysterious figure in the background with a rocket launcher, who likes to blast holes in the street
Flo, the soldier from the future, drops down to assassinate Robocop, but she's promptly blown away by a drive-by Terminator
Comic book-like cutscenes tell the story as the game progresses. Note the not-so-subtle Arnie reference
Robocop in yet another battle against his arch-nemesis, ED-209
Robocop fights through an out-of-control construction site, filled with deadly traps, falling girders, flaming pipes, and yet more uzi-wielding leather chicks. ED-209's arm makes a decent weapon
At the top of the construction site, Robocop faces his much anticipated battle against the Governator
Terminator endoskeletons can climb ladders, jump from platform to platform, shoot in 8 directions, and basically can do everything you can. Very impressive for such an early game.
Robocop fights his way through the OCP robotics factory, past haywire security turrets and uncooperative OCP security troopers
Robo battles yet another T-800 endoskeleton. Robo's 'primative' weapons can't kill T-800, so he'll have to find another way
Shoving the Terminator into those high-voltage beams seems like it might do the trick
After a nasty ambush by SKYNET, Robocop wakes up in the post-apocalyptic future
The second half of the game is incredibly tough, as Robocop fights an army of constantly respawning T-800s, each of which can survive enormous amounts of damage
Besides humanoid Terminators, Robocop also has to deal with Terminator dogs!
This massive Hunter-Killer boss takes up several screens and fights with multiple turrets and launchers
In this First Person Shooter level, Robocop drives a tank while battle T-800 endos on his way to SKYNET's central core
SKYNET seems fond of piles of human skulls, because the exterior of his HQ is stuffed with them
The long climb up the exterior of SKYNET's fortress is tough, as a single shot can knock you off and send you plummeting all the way back down
Watch out for these electric thingies
Despite all the indications of being a boss, the gate to SKYNET's interior is surprisingly easy to penetrate, one good grenade shot will blow it open.
SKYNET's interior has a nice H.R. Giger ambiance going for it, although the toxic waste and bad lighting are a bit of a downer
T-800 endos also enjoy chucking grenades at you
SKYNET's interior is patrolled by these weird floating orbs, as well as the twirly-thingies that come out of the floor
This hover-drone boss is particularly tough and annoying
The evil SKYNET has never actually been shown in any of the movies, so its up to the video games to visualize what it looks like.
These blue endos are even tougher than the regular variety, and SKYNET sics a bunch of them on you during your escape attempt