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atari adventure

Secret of Evermore Credits

42 people (41 developers, 1 thanks)


Executive ProducerDouglas E. Smith
Concept ProducerAlan Weiss
Design ProducerGeorge Sinfield
Technical ProducerRick Ryan
Associate ProducerJames Gillis
Lead ProgrammerBrian Fehdrau
ProgrammersJeff Petkau, Bill Kristiansen, Rick Saenz, Bartosz Kijanka, Dalen Abraham, Paul Mazurek
Art Director / Character ConceptsDaniel Dociu
Lead AnimatorRebecca Coffman
AnimatorsClayton Kauzlaric, Peter Fries, David House, Al Dumo, Hans Piwenitzky
Lead Background ArtistBeau Folsom
Background ArtistsKevin Pun, Clayton Kauzlaric, Damon Conklin
3D ArtistBrad Clarkson
Scenario ScriptersGeorge Sinfield, Rick Ryan, Steven Magladry, Dalen Abraham, Paul Mazurek, Brian Fehdrau, Jeff Petkau, Bill Kristiansen, James Gillis
Composer / Sound EffectsJeremy Soule
Lead Tools ProgrammerRick Ryan
Tools ProgrammersSteven Magladry, Brian Fehdrau
Lead WriterGeorge Sinfield
WriterPaul Mazurek
Design TeamAlan Weiss, George Sinfield, Beau Folsom, Daniel Dociu, and many others...
Lead Game TesterPaul Reed
Game TestersShawn Schafer, Conan E. Chamberlain, Ed Gregory
Information ServicesDalen Abraham
Square Soft TeamRich Silveira, Toshiyuki Horii, Junichi Yanigahara, Ted Woolsey, Chris Budd, Glenn Halseth, Mirko Freguia, Kaeli Kreider, Kelly Beloit, Lynn Novak, Jackie Tietze
Special Thanks ToOur Families
Dolly GripBrian Fehdrau

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Credits for this game were contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4664) and Alaka (88009)

atari adventure