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A real gem from Squaresoft, it's a shame it has so many technical glitchies Bregalad (972) 3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars
A great early Action RPG Idkbutlike2 (23) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars
Edible at best. Asinine (1006) 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars
Great Game, one of the best Scott G (793) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (132 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Dragon (Aug, 1994)
This is one of the very best role-playing games available for the Super Nintendo. It has flaws, but I feel they are minor. The game's play and rules don't fit together as seamlessly as Zelda, the standard for cartridge-based systems, but on the other hand Mana was a much larger game than Zelda, with many more types of monsters, character options, and fortresses to explore.
Daß der Sound ebenso stimmig ist und auch nach stundenlangem Spielen noch nicht auf, den Keks geht, rundet das Ganze noch ab - wie eine Kirsche auf der Sahnetorte. Secret of Mana ist Pflichtprogramm für alle Adventurefreaks,. Wann kommt bloß endlich eine deusche Version?
100 (Apr 12, 2010)
Secret of Mana, c’est un peu le jeu qui s’impose naturellement, grâce à un ensemble complet, sans bavure et auquel on ne peut reprocher grand-chose. On aimerait juste que cela ne s’arrête pas, ou avoir plus de personnages, ou d’armes, ou de villes. Secret of Mana est long, envoûtant, mignon, parfait. Un chef d’œuvre de Square.
Gaming since 198x (Nov 25, 2010)
Secret of Mana n'est certes pas exempt de défauts, mais son univers merveilleux, son gameplay agréable et sa réalisation exemplaire font passer tous les petits reproches au second plan. Le jeu promet des heures de plaisir seul ou à plusieurs et son système Ring demeure l'une des plus belle réussite du genre. Un must-have, incontestablement.
100 (Dec 12, 2010)
Am Ende bleibt nur noch zu sagen, dass das Spiel, das ich mir damals mit mulmigem Gefühl gekauft habe, ein absolutes TOP-Spiel ist. "Secret of Mana" steckt voller Abenteuer, voller Überraschungen, voller Gier (Durch die Jagd nach den Orbs und der Sonderausrüstung werden alle Dungeons genauestens durchsucht!), voller netter, lustiger und tollpatschiger Charaktere, voller Ironie und, was am wichtigsten ist, voller SPIELSPAß!
Un monstre ! Un must ! Vous, fan de rpg, vous vous devez de tester ce jeu ! Il est vraiment
SNES Force (Jan 20, 1994)
The best RPG ever! After being at the top of the RPG tree for ages, Zelda: A Link to the Past has finally been toppled. Secret of Mana is truly brilliant and takes the title by a long shot! (Simon)
RPG Kingdom (Jun 11, 2006)
Secret Of Mana, je me répète, est un grand jeu. C'est la seule chose qui me retient de revendre ma SNES, il fait partie des jeux snes que tout bon amateur de rpgs console doit avoir. Plus que ça, d'une manière personnelle, c'est le jeu qui m'a le plus boulversé tous genres et supports confondus. Malgré une traduction parfois hésitante, la diversité graphique et sonore accompagnée d'une variété de lieux, de personnages et d'ennemis, rendent ce jeu plus qu'incontournable à mon humble avis de mauvais rédacteur, et j'encourage tout le monde à jouer à ce jeu qui malgré son âge avancé, reste une perle rare.
Total! (Germany) (Nov, 1993)
Das abwechslungsreiche Game wird von tollen Grafiken und einem tollen Soundtrack begleitet, die Story ist so komplex, daß wohl mehr als ein Wochenende für das Spiel nötig sein wird. Freunde von action-lastigen Rollenspielen werden sich nicht über langweilige Winterabende beklagen müssen...
Fighting allowed you to level up characters, spells, and weapons. A cannon service and a Never Ending Story-esque dragon provided snazzy Mode-7 transportation. Aside form the Zelda series, there may not be a finer example of action/role-playing games out there.
SNES Force (Jan 20, 1994)
A game made in heaven ... I can tell you all about the great three-player option, the hilarious sense of humour accompanying the action-packed battle sequences and the huge amount of weapons, spells and magical items you'll need to discover, but why spoil the adventure of a lifetime? ... Take it from me — it's a godsend. (Chris)
Super Play (UK) (Jan, 1994)
Coming from the creators of the Final Fantasy series, the game takes a typically strong narrative approach which concentrates on unravelling a story rather than problem solving. You will still get lost if you don't think through all the clues you've been given, but you shouldn't expect to run round Zelda-style puzzle-room dungeons. Instead, the characters are given more space to come to life. You'd expect the graphics to be limited by the space required for encoding a game of this size, but not so. Even the repeated blocks and shapes of which the buildings and forests are composed look stunning, thanks to some clever design and attention to detail. The three main characters are cutely and comprehensively animated (including several sequences for each of the weapons they can hold), and the numerous monsters aren't without their own moves and expressions.
Hobby Consolas (Aug 30, 2017)
Te mantendrá pegado al pad durante meses, es difícil encontrar títulos que den tanto juego como éste.
Hobby Consolas (Dec, 1994)
Un auténtico imprescindible para los amantes del género. Y los que aún no lo son, lo serán.
Superjuegos (Dec, 1994)
Un mapeado extensísimo, una dificultad ajustada,vmás de setenta horas de juego ininterrumpido, la posibilidad de participar hasta tres jugadores simultáneamente vía multitap, y un elevado número de sorpresas y de geniales detalles convierten a SECRET OF MANA en un cartucho imprescindible para todos los propietarios de una consola Super Nintendo.
Nintendo Acción (Dec, 1994)
Tras muchos meses de espera, Secret of Mana viene a confirmar que es un programa de lujo por muchas razones, Su fantástica estructura narrativa se ve acompañada por una espléndida banda sonora, la belleza y extensión del mapeado, o la profundidad y duración de las partidas. ... Una joya para adultos que no tengan prejuicios de ningún tipo hacia el rol.
Nintendo Land (Sep 13, 2003)
Secret of Mana is a bit like Zelda 3 but Secret of Mana is a little more like a RPG with HP and MP and stuff. You do not however have a "FF like" textbased fighting system, here everything is in realtime like in Zelda 3. One other difference is that Secret of Mana is more focused on magics and spells than Zelda 3. If like adventure games then get Zelda 3 but if you already own Zelda 3 then get Secret of Mana!
Game Players (Dec, 1993)
Let's cut to the chase: here's one of the best SNES RPGs ever. It's huge, and the graphics are lush and large. The arcade-style combat is smooth and challenging.
If you enjoyed Zelda, buy this game now. And if you're one of those unbearably lucky people who have never played either Zelda or Mana, buy them both right now. You'll pay, what, eighty quid for an experience beyond price. Enjoy!
A sabiendas de lo anterior, parece una locura afirmar que estamos ante uno de los grandes RPG para SNES, y más teniendo en cuenta lo prolífica que fue dicha consola en este género. Pues va a ser que sí. Sin duda Secret of Mana es uno de los mejores títulos de rol para Super Nintendo porque atesora un encanto y un estilo propio pocas veces visto en un videojuego. A diferencia de otros RPG no consigue enganchar por su historia, sino por una mecánica de juego muy original y llevadera que nos mantendrá pegados a la pantalla durante más de veinte horas. Nunca es tarde para disfrutar de un autentico clásico del cerebro de la bestia, y mejor aún si lo hacemos acompañados de familiares, amigos o del perro si hace falta... ¿o eso era en Secret of Evermore?
Edge (Nov 25, 1993)
The sheer size of Secret Of Mana is staggering. It’s estimated that the average player will take around 70 hours to complete it. And for that reason alone it's a serious gameplaying proposition, offering great value. The fact that it's also an immensely entertaining game, makes it an unmissable experience.
Cubed3 (Feb 02, 2003)
Squaresoft proved yet again that they are indeed one of the best RPG makers in the world. It was just a shame that by the time the UK release came around, anyone that had been interested in it had already imported from America, thus we didn't receive the sequel, Seiken Densetsu 3 or the recent PSX game Legend of Mana. Let's just hope that the forthcoming GBA remake of Seiken Densetsu from the GameBoy manages to cross the ocean and reach our shores...
RPGFan (Feb 22, 1999)
Even though the translation of Secret of Mana was rushed (Ted Woolsley had only 6 weeks to convert this game into English all by himself), the game proved to be a fine addition to the family of Square games available in North America. The story was translated very nicely, and should be easy for any American atleast 10 years old to understand. Secret of Mana is a one-of-a-kind game, the only 3-player action RPG I know of, and a worthy purchase to almost any gamer. If you don't have it, try to obtain it from Funcoland or any other used game dealer, because this game a true classic.
90 (Jun 07, 2008)
Secret of Mana è un'avventura intrigante e godibile, costituita da una bella trama ambientata in un mondo vasto e liberamente esplorabile. L'ottima realizzazione grafica e la colonna sonora di grande qualità completano questa bella esperienza di gioco. Raccomandato a tutti gli appassionati del genere, ma anche i neofiti o in non amanti del gioco “a turni” potrebbero trovare in questo gioco un nuovo approccio all'avventura RPG.
GamePro (US) (Dec, 1993)
Secret of Mana is a unique product that needed a tad more fine tuning, but not much. This game will provide a superb return on your RPG dollar and is one of the year's best SNES bets.
Mega Fun (Dec, 1993)
Das eine mal vorweg: So überragend wie Timur finde ich Secret of Mana nun auch wieder nicht. Obwohl das Spiel technisch, sprich von Sound und Grafik her zu überzeugen vermag, sind beim Gameplay doch einige Schwachstellen vorhanden. Was mich am meisten stört ist die Tatsache, daß, wenn Ihr alleine spielt, die zwei Computer-Charaktere so gut wie nie einen Gegner angreifen, und am Ende wirklich (fast) alles an Euch hängen bleibt. Als einzige Abhilfe wirkt hier nur ein 5-Player-Adapter, mit dem Ihr dann zu dritt gleichzeitig in die Schlacht ziehen könnt. Das macht dann nicht nur mehr Spaß, sondern wirkt sich auch sehr auf den Schwierigkeitsgrad aus. Abschließend ein besonderes Lob an Square Soft, die mit Secret of Mana das wohl bislang umfangreichste Action-Adventure erschaffen haben. Hoffentlich kommt das Spiel auch mal offiziell heraus, damit Link auch hierzulande Konkurrenz bekommt.
Mana's a good RPG from beginning to end. Though the story was just OK, I really loved the dragon scenes, especially when the fortress is flying. The added ability to have two friends along is one the best ideas. I wish more companies would do the same. When alone, the computer allies seem a bit stupid and tend to get killed easily. Overall, one of the most impressive RPGs I've seen in quite some time.
Video Games (Dec, 1993)
Gut geklaut ist besser als schlecht erfunden. Die Programmierer von Secret of Mana haben offensichtlich fleißig Legend of Zelda gespielt. Sie haben sich jedoch auch einige Innovationen einfallen lassen. (…) Die ausgezeichnete Musik paßt wunderbar in die Gesamtstimmung des Spiels. Was mit leider abgeht, ist mehr Interaktion mit der Umgebung. In Zelda könnt Ihr Gegenstände aufheben, werten, schieben, ziehen etc. All das ist hier kaum möglich. Dafür ist das Spiel ungewöhnlich groß. Ihr werdet einige Wochen damit zu tun haben. Durch die abwechslungsreiche Story wird es trotzdem nie langweilig. Allen Zelda-Fans sei gesagt: Zelda IV ist noch nicht mal angekündigt, deshalb schnappt Euch Secret of Mana!
85 (Jun 24, 2009)
D’un point de vue artistique, Secret Of Mana est pratiquement parfait. L’environnement visuel est tellement en adéquation avec l’environnement sonore qu’on a parfois l’impression qu’ils ne font qu’un. Pas une seule faute de goût. Dommage que quelques détails éloignent Secret Of Mana de la perfection qui lui semblait destinée. Toutefois, et surtout si vous n’en avez jamais eu l’occasion, procurez-le vous. Vous ne pourrez en aucun cas être déçu par ce magnifique voyage.
Legendra (2001)
Secret of Mana, titre véritablement culte en son temps, a malheureusement vieilli. Il reste un jeu de qualité, très plaisant, surtout à plusieurs, mais dont les rouages du gameplay commencent à dater et lassent un peu. Un action-rpg de légende, inoubliable, quoiqu'il en soit.
Power Play (Dec, 1993)
Die Grafik ist schnuckelig, die Story witzig, das Spielfeld umfangreich und die Idee mit dem Drei-Spieler-Modus schlichtweg genial: Kurzum. Secret of Mana hat alle Zutaten für ein super Actionadventure. Trotzdem scheitert Secret of Mana bei mir an der magischen Prädikatsgrenze von 85 Prozent, mein freundlichstes Gesicht bleibt dem Modul verwehrt. Der Grund: Obwohl die Computerspieler sich dank der vorbildlichen “Verhaltens“-Option im Kampf ziemlich intelligent anstellen, kommt es immer wieder zu Situationen. in denen die Figuren hinter Vorsprüngen hängenbleiben und dem Feind (trotz gegenteiligem Kommando) zu nahe kommen. Zudem wird‘s dann für einen Solo-Spieler ziemlich hektisch, wenn im Duell mit einem Obermotz zwischen den Figuren hin- und hergeschaltet werden muß, um beispielsweise einen Zauberspruch auszulösen. Wer im Trio spielt, ist klar im Vorteil. Mal von diesem Manko abgesehen. kann ich nur sagen: Kaufen!
Thunderbolt Games (May 27, 2005)
Recent RPGs haven’t been as good as the older ones. Maybe I’m becoming old and senile, or maybe nostalgia clouds my judgment, but most recent RPGs just haven’t had that much of an impact on me. I find myself always going back to the classics, which include Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III and Suikoden II. After playing through the disappointing Suikoden IV I decided to go back and give Secret of Mana a try after neglecting it for years. This Squaresoft games hails from the golden age of RPGs, but it’s not the classic some people say it is. Instead, it’s merely an enjoyable action-RPG with some amazing multiplayer.
74 (Sep, 2002)
I snagged this game for a steal at the Philly Classic 3 -- $20 it set me back, when the typical price is closer to $45, and that's if you can even find it. This game is not so easy to come across. But if you can find it, and its for around the price I paid, by all means pick it up; but I wouldn't go for the $45 unless your rich and use $20 bills to upholster antique chairs. The inexcusably stupid AI may turn off a lot of gamers, but if you can get past that, you'll find Secret of Mana to be an enjoyable experience.
Secret of Mana does many things right, but the few missteps it takes are increasingly difficult to ignore. It’s unfortunate that what might have otherwise been a timeless experience found itself diminished by tedious combat.
The Game Hoard (Dec 12, 2017)
Secret of Mana is an unusual pick for a classic. I do believe part of the appeal came from the fact that it was an RPG that allowed multiplayer support, and the charm found in some of its design choices do sit well on the heart, but the gameplay itself mires the experience quite a bit. The trappings of the game are all simplistic, and while it’s easy to tell the translation from Japanese to English lead to a lot of trimming and a few adjustments to make it more kid-friendly, the game itself is so flawed that the story could not hope to save it from its troubles. The English story may be average, the Japanese story may be better, but the gameplay that takes up most of the game’s time is disastrously designed.