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Shadowrun Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
Shooting snipers on the streets
Gun shop
Monorail station
Viewing Seattle from a monorail car
A large market square
Fighting at the docks
Vampire castle
Hungry ghouls are chasing Jake
Starting the game in the morgue
Outside Drake's building
On a ship
Talking to a helicopter pilot
Outside the Volcano
Fighting troll deckers in the narrow corridors of the Volcano
The scientists are afraid of Jake
Those suckers won't shoot at me, because I'm invisible :)
Fighting a large snake (naga)
Riding an elevator
A typical room with lots of computers to hack into
When using a bed, you can restore your health, save your game, and allocate available karma points
On this arena you can fight people for money
Dialogue window. Learning the key word "Drake"
A typical Shadowrun bar
Bit of an Easter Egg after the credits... *sigh* If only...
Hacking one of the game's many computers