Shien's Revenge Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen (JP).
Copyright notice
The story about Shien and Aska
Main menu
Options menu
Enter a password to resume play later on.
Firing a smart bomb.
Misty woods
Lenghty talk before the boss fight
Sort of 3D while fighting a boss.
Stage 1 of 7 cleared!
300 BC Manchuria
Giant dragon snake
21 Century France
Fight an armored vehicle with shurikens.
The housekeeper of the castle
Stage introduction (JP).
In 13 century Mongolia
Boss is very close.
Not close anymore. Where's the f*cking head?
Soldier in South America
Game over screen. Continue?
Training mode (JP).
Training mode (US).
Who are you!?
Bastard is preparing to attack me.
Stage introduction (US).
"Where am I?"
I'm not a genius, but thanks.
Two hands.
"Human, don't flatter yourself!"
It's just a beach but ok.