Side Pocket Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen.
A smiling young woman makes company to you in the menu screen. Nice to meet her!
It's song time in Jukebox option. Select one of many musics and relax observing the sunrise...
The Trick Game works like a training mode. Choose one of these 19 squares and test your target in the most diverse situations!
Trick Game demonstration: don't break nothing, OK?
Los Angeles is the first city to visit. Good luck and reach the goal!
The game begins: try strike many possible balls with one move!
Pay attention: sinking one ball in this (or in other) blue-star hole, you'll enter in a TRICK bonus game after you complete the level.
The last hole. Or better, the last holes!
After a very disputed game, it's time to see the total score!
Finally, the goal was reached. Congratulations! Other nice young woman? Hehehe... ;-)
The map shows the player moving to next stage.
These black-tied guys represent, respectively, P1 and P2 in 2-Player matches.
When "SUPER" appears, the white ball starts to flash and when hitted, it strikes the other balls with extreme power and speed!
If you are the best, complete this Challenge Stage with only ONE chance...