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SimCity Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
The main menu
Players wishing to start a new city can choose one of 998 pre-determined maps.
Difficulty selection screen, followed immediately by naming the player's new town.
A new game starts with an unspoiled natural area. Humans won't leave it like that for long.
The beginnings of a city, the colored squares represent vacant lots.
The spotlight tool can be used to find out the development of each building.
The game advises when certain issues become critical.
Dr. Wight, the advisor, also lets the player know about issues that affect the city's growth.
The yearly budget. Plan city spending and allocate funds wisely.
The information section of the menu bar contains important tools to being a good mayor.
The minimap is a necessary tool to address a variety of issues.
Public Opinion offers detailed information on issues and the player's score.
Address problems and keep the people happy and they'll gladly move in and establish more expensive buildings.
The scale model tool is for the casual mayor who just wants to watch.
Exclusive to the SNES are "reward" buildings, each with their own effect. In this case, only one may be chosen.
It's quite possible that seaside or riverside land will become more valuable.
The population is ultimately responsible for moving the city into it's next phase.... and also causing more problems for traffic and resources.
A structured city with lots of roads, which can cost quite a bit to maintain.
Disasters can ruin a good infrastructure. Exclusive to the SNES, the generic monster has been replaced by Mario's nemesis, Bowser Koopa
The scenario selection offers a variety of pre-set challenges.
A typical scenario briefing with specific goals