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Smash Tennis Credits (SNES)

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Smash Tennis Credits


Main Game ProgramTakanori Nakamura (Naka-P)
Theater Disp. ScreenplayHideo Yoshizawa (S. Sakurazaki)
Theater Disp. ProgramTakanori Nakamura (Naka-P), Mayu Chan
Graphic DesignShigenori Kanai (Crystal-K), Yoshinori Wagatsuma (Wagachan), Kagura, Nove, Kunimi
Sound DesignYoshinori Kawamoto (Kawagen)
Directed byHideo Yoshizawa (S. Sakurazaki)
Audio & VisualNamco. Ltd All Rights Reserved

Smash Tennis (Manual Credits)

DesignerHideo Yoshizawa (H. Yoshizawa)
ProgrammerTakanori Nakamura (T. Nakamura)
GraphicsShigenori Kanai (S. Kanai), Yoshinori Wagatsuma (Y. Wagatsuma)
SoundYoshinori Kawamoto (Y. Kawamoto)
European Product Co‑ordinatorMichael Merren (Mike Merren)
Design & Artwork Co-ordinatorMatthew Walker
European ProductionCatherine Spratt, Rizwan Khan
Design House (Manuel, conception de l'emballage et exécution)Mick Lowe Design

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (224320)