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Super Battletank 2 Credits

41 people (32 developers, 9 thanks)


DesignGarry Kitchen, David Lubar, Mark Morris, Carol Albert, Daniel James Kitchen, Alex DeMeo
ProgrammingGarry Kitchen, David Lubar, Mark Morris, Chi Chan (Chi Y. Chan)
ArtJesse Kapili, Glen A. Schofield, John Cassells, Raymond Bradley (Ray Bradley), Dan Peters
Audio DirectorMark Van Hecke
Music and SoundJim Wallace
Game TestingKirk Baucke, Ezra Blau, Alan Deloach, Scott Corey, Andre Garcia, Arvee Garde, Alison Lubar, Robert Prescott, Stephan Ross, John Wolfe, Russell Young
Multimedia SupportMike Sullivan, Ron Roberts, Jonathan Eiten, John Feasenmyer
Title SequenceMark Glidden
Special ThanksGene Sewell, Alex DeMeo, Rachel Ensign, Tak Lau, Herve Marcel, Ross Harris, Robert Prescott, Brian English, Jim Charne
ManualBrian English
Package DesignBill Wentworth
Manual DesignJohn Feasenmyer

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (431676)