Super Chase H.Q. Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen (JP).
Title screen (US).
...But his friendly face was a front for something more sinister... Worthless Bobby.
Menu (US)
Menu (JP).
Options (JP).
A dipsh*t was found dead at the beach. Great.
Taito Monitoring System
Round 1. "Get out of the #$*[email protected]! I'm in a hurry here!"
Inside a tunnel
Caught up with criminal no. 1
"Cripes! He's got a gun"
Damaged the criminal's car
Round 1 Statistics
The gang was alerted to our presence. Sucks.
Round 2
A bikie throwing a firebomb at you
Scooped him up
Criminal #2
Damaged the car
Round 2 Statistics
Round 3. "You're driving the wrong way, you moron"
These bikers are just... weak.
Criminal #3
Watch out!!
Round 3 Statistics
Round 4
A barricade got in the way
Criminal #4
The car has been remodelled, and is equipped with a rocket launcher...
Round 4 Clear.
Keep your hands off, or else...
Saturday. I want to sleep...
Round 5!
Someone's keeping their eye on you
I will need help!
Thanks buddy.
...and the sports car is approaching.
Very close.
"Damn, man, I knew we should've used those turbos"
Round 5 clear.
Sure, let's try hard mode (Japanese version only).
Heavy celebrating?
Top-down (cutscene).
The ambulance was involved in an accident while transporting blood to the...
Pronto! And... done! Now we can finally HEAVY CELEBRATE.
Mission accomplished. You are welcome.
Mission failed (US).
Who knows?