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Super Final Match Tennis Credits (SNES)

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Super Final Match Tennis Credits


Producer (プロデューサー)Hidenori Yagi
Supervisor (スーパーバイザー)Shuji Yoshida (credited as Shuji Yoshida)
Planner (プランナー)Kanzō Suzuki (credited as Kanzo.S)

Program (プログラム)

Main Program (マイン プログラム)Akabo
Sub Program (サブ プログラム)Tetsu Konno
System Program (システム プログラム)Naoki Sonoda
Program Advisor (プログラム アドバイザー)Masato Masuda

Graphic (グラフィック)

Character Cut (キャラクターカット)Mad.RR
Character (キャラクター)Ichimiya, Hal.K
Background & Form (BG&フォーム)Reiko Aoyagi
Racket & Form (ラケット&フォーム)Aoken

Sound (サウンド)

Composer & Sound Programmer (コンポーザー &サウンドプログラマー)Takamitsu Kajikawa
Sound Effect (サウンド エフェクト)Masamichi Yamazaki


Special Thanks (スペシャルサンクス)Takahiro Uchiyama, Toich, Toshiaki Tamura (credited as Toshiaki.T), Akihiko Ishizaka (credited as Akihiko.I)
Test Play (テストプレー)Katsuya Yamada (credited as K. Yamada), Gōichi Suda, Hifumi Kouno (credited as Hihumi Kono), Tomonori Koike, Teruyuki Yoneyama, Keta K, Yoshihiro Miura (credited as Yosihiro Miura), Masatoshi Mitori (credited as M. Masato), Hiroya Tamura (credited as H. Tamura)
Assistant (アシスタント)Hiroaki Sakai (credited as H. Sakai), Kouji Hiraki (credited as K. Hiraki), Kenji Shimizu (credited as K. Shimizu), Makoto Yoshioka (credited as M. Yoshioka), Takeshi Iida (credited as Tak.Iida), Takuya Fujimura (credited as T. Fujimura), T. Ohkubo, Toshiharu Shimazaki (credited as T. Shimazaki)
Special Thanks (スペシャルサンクス): Kanebo Fila [カネボウ フィラ]Naomi Umezawa
Presented byHuman

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Credits for this game were contributed by ryanbus84 (30344) and リカルド・フィリペ (202873)