Super Metroid Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen.
Samus summarizes the events of previous Metroid games
A scientist thanks Samus for bringing him a baby Metroid
Approaching Ceres Station
An alien has come to retrieve the baby
After defeating the alien, you have one minute to escape from Ceres Station
The station is collapsing -- hurry!
When you start a game, a map displays your current area
Press Start to see what equipment Samus has picked up
Ice beams can freeze enemies, but some are immune
Save spots are scattered throughout the world to record your progress
Hmm... will a rocket work against that barrier?
Running inbetween areas
Some terminals allow you to restore your energy
The first boss
These statues always carry interesting items - like super missiles
The wall-jump can be very helpful. Especially when you haven't found the High Jump Boots yet.
The morph ball opens up many new paths
You can only safely enter this area with the Varia Suit
Freeze enemies to use them as platforms
Running through rocks thanks to the speed booster
Using the X-Ray Scope to find secret passages
This bird teaches you a new jumping technique
Another boss-fight - push him into the lava
Using the Grappling Beam to get over a chasm
With the Gravity Suit you can move freely underwater
Inside a wrecked ship
One of the not-so-easy bosses
Anti-piracy message. When triggered, removes all save data!
Here's the entrance to Tourian, guarded by the Golden Statues
Our heroine, Samus, fighting the first form of Mother Brain
The second form of Mother Brain
In Maridia
"Who killed him?" you ask? Enter that door and find out!