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Super Widget Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title Screen
Widget's bosses tell him what to do
Mega Brain, your tour guide
Widget's standard attack, the extend-o-fist
Widget's trademark spin as he transforms...
...into this duck-like creature
Some loopy water streams
The bee's projectiles curve
A hundred of these yellow icons give Widget an extra life
When invincible, Widget can even fly!
RoboWidget, ready for battle
Here comes Widget's nemesis, Ratchet
Graded on your level completion
The beach has large crabs that snip at you
A mini-boss from the show, a pig monster
A tidal wave has submerged the entire level
Widget has transformed into an octopus, which allows him to swim
Time your run so you don't get crushed by the clam shell
Ratchet is back for more!
He's dropped off a container that has turned into this slime monster
Widget's friend Kevin needs help
Exploring Wonderland as RoboWidget
Pushing a block to get the shield powerup
Riding on the ferris wheels
These eggs can be broken to find powerups...or enemies
This platform rides along these blue tracks
Another mini-boss from the show - a cross between an ape and a crocodile
Dr. Dante seems nice enough...
...but as soon as you hit him, he turns into a madman who shoots lasers and machinery at you!
Brian has been rescued from the clutches of Dr. Dante