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Syndicate Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Intro movie. A bleak future.
Title screen.
Global menu.
Selecting a mission.
Graphics are taken from the computer versions.
Moving in to complete our mission.
Heading into the city.
Stopped by the filth.

Amiga version

Title screen
Map of the world on which you may choose next region you would like to take over.
Select your team, buy an equipment, do the research...
Some missions are in fenced complexes.
Some missions look like they are on the oil rigs.
And some look quite familiar...
... and the buildings also look nice.
Mission failed
Mission completed.

Amiga CD32 version

Language selection.
A shot from the intro.
The main menu.
The colours for each territory on the map show the syndicate affiliation.
The first mission briefing.
I'm researching new weapons technology.
Equipping my squad.
Searching for the assassination target.
Oh no, I failed!
Mission debriefing screen.
Title picture

DOS version

Intro Movie - Someone's going to be kidnapped...
Intro Movie
First Level - Stealth Attack
Intro Movie - They transform a man in a cyborg agent.
Intro Movie
Title Screen
Killer Marketing Director
Intro Movie - Inserted in his neck, the CHIP is able to change his perception of the reality, to control him.
Intro Movie - A new agent for your crime syndicate.
Victory Screen
Main Menu
Mission Debriefing (Only one dead civilian)
Evacuating after Successful Mission
Mission Brief
Mass Carnage
Mission Selection
Smoldering Cop
Burning Cop, Take Two
I'll kill you for running over 4 -- come back here!
Between the missions, start new technology researches.
Between the missions, update and equip your 4 agents.

FM Towns version

Title screen
A new recruit...
...undergoes a genetic operation...
...and gets red hair?? Is this all?
Main menu
Customizing your company
The world in 21st century? Not even close
Mission briefing
Team selection
Researching weapons
Viewing the area
Getting ready to infiltrate
This agent approaches from the flank
Oh no! They shot me!..

Jaguar version

The Jaguar uses the PC's art, unlike the other console ports.
Full zoom out. Zooming is unique to the Jaguar version (not even in the PC original)
Full zoom in.
The beginnings of a standard Syndicate rampage.
Support screens between missions are identical to other versions.
You guide an arrow with the joypad and direct your four henchmen to move or fire.

PC-98 version

Title screen
Intro (16 color mode); the only difference between this and the 256 color mode will be seen in the cinematics and menus because in-game is 16 color only
Team selection
First mission
Mission debriefing
Second mission briefing
Research menu
Second mission