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    Land of sub-tropical wonder ... land of strange customs ... home of wallabies, platypuses, crocodiles, koalas, bush people, bandicoots and ... TAZMANIAN DEVILS! The most ferocious of the outback is Taz. Besides being the wildest teenager ever, Taz loves to eat. Food is usually the first and foremost thing on his particular day, Taz is extremely hungry. Luckily for Taz, it is the Kiwi bird mating season. However, collecting Kiwi birds is easier said than done. You see, Kiwis are not only one of the craftiest critters from down under, they are also one of the fastest, as Taz will soon find out. But it appears that Kiwis aren't the only ones who have love on their minds. The amorous She-Devil has taken a fancy to our boy Taz and nothing will stop her pursuit to claim him as her own - except for the fact that Taz wants nothing to do with her!! To make matters even worse, Taz must also deal with notorious hunting team of Axl & Bull Gator, the neurotic and paranoid Wendal T. Wolf and the bus-loads of tourists that speed through the countryside. Maybe, with a little luck, Taz can fill his growling stomach without going completely crazy!

    Contributed by jean-louis (32537) on May 08, 2015.