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Torneko no Daibōken: Fushigi no Dungeon Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title Screen
The story of Torneko, in an 8-bit flashback
Main Menu
Torneko, his wife and son discuss the future
An audience with the king
Torneko is greeted by a pair of slimes
Inventory Screen
Torneko starts with a modest shop, but gather enough treasures and he'll be able to expand
Casting a Spell
This magician guards a loaf of bread
A powerup
Hidden pitfalls will throw Torneko down a floor, violently
Torneko stumbles, dropping several items
Mimics seek to disguise themselves among the treasure
A monster's lair is packed full of nasty creatures, and valuable treasures
In-Game menu and Torneko's stats
Each trip into the dungeon is scored and the method of exit listed.
Run out of HP in a dungeon and the monsters will throw you out on your face
The deposit is paid and hard workers build Torneko's new shop
Torneko fires a shot in the dark. Arrow that is
Armed with axe and shield, Torneko ventures down a narrow passageway
This lizard is in the way
In these twisty caverns, one can lose enemies or get lose themselves
These creatures have a habit of multiplying.
With enough extra money, Torneko is able to build a bar... naturally this will make him more popular
Being chased through the dungeon
An important goal is always to find the stairs leading to the next level
The master enjoys his breakfast
The bang spell spreads out, hitting all enemies but is difficult to screen capture
An extremely successful merchant will be able to afford a shop of tremendous size (under construction)