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Urban Strike Credits

64 people (48 developers, 16 thanks)


Game DesignJohn Manley, Antonio Barnes
ProgrammingMike Posehn
Art DirectorJulie Gast Cressa
Sound and MusicDon Veca
Sound and Music Converted byByte Size Sound
ImplementationRoss Wentworth, Erich Horn
ArtVictor French, Tom Lisowski, Tony Gascon, Ron Sacdalan, Walter Ianneo, Jeff Fennel
3-D ModelsTim Calvin, Terrence C. Falls, Lance Armstrong
Additional ArtKendra Lammas, Michael Shirley, Susan Manley, Peter Traugot, Antonio Barnes, Lynne Gura
Interior DesignKeith Bullen, Antonio Barnes
WriterMichael Humes
Technical DirectorTim Brengle
Tools ProgrammingBurt Sloane, Bill Kirtley
Software TestingJeff Hasson, Brian Loke, Joanna Pataki, David Costa, Aaron McClay, James Flaharty
Assistant ProducerMichael Anthony Lubuguin
Foley Hi-Tech ProducerDavid Foley
Project ManagerSusan Manley
Produced byScott Berfield
Directed byJohn Manley
Product ManagerDavid Sze
Assistant Director Antonio Barnes
Converted bySolid Software


H.R. Malone / Carlos OrtegaJamie Poolos
Special Agent EgoAntonio Barnes
The CommanderMark West
BravoWilfredo J. Aguilar
LegalJill Fishbein
Long-HaulMark Douglas
StingerAsuko Matsumoto
FreepersonSam Freeman
CossackPeter Dimaria
NewguyEric Newhouse
OutbackJames Flaharty
Generic CopilotDavid Neubecker
The High-5 PilotDavid Sze

Special Thanks

Special ThanksMatthew Cressa, Cindy Posehn, Alan Barnes, William Barnes, Dizzy, Elwood & Jake, John Manley, Margret Manley, Dean Sitton, Kathy Smith, Jeff Foley, Seal , Danny Elfman, James Cameron, Stewart Copeland, William Orbit

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (390024), Terrence Bosky (5463) and Foxhack (30909)