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Wayne's World Credits (SNES)

Wayne's World SNES Title screen


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Wayne's World Credits


Project LeaderDavid Bright
ProgrammingDavid Bright, Derek Dick, Kevin Moare
MusicPeter Stone, Nick Eastridge
Sound EffectsPeter Stone, Nick Eastridge
Art DirectorDennis Turner
Sprite AnimationBryce Cochrane, Ian House, Peter King, Ian Lloyd, Sean Sullivan
BackgroundsGreg Bick, Greg Bobier, Ian House
IntermissionsGreg Bick, Mike D'Agnillo, Christopher Gray, Kevin Moare, Sean Sullivan
Map DesignGreg Bobier, Anne Doiron, Peter King, Christine Turner, Adam Mock
Game TestingAdam Mock
Executive Producer (Gray Matter)Christopher Gray
Executive Producer (T*HQ)Howard Phillips
Software Development (T*HQ)George Sinfield

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Credits for this game were contributed by Apogee IV (2328) and formercontrib (159125)