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Written by  :  J. David Taylor (28)
Written on  :  Nov 19, 2003
Platform  :  SNES

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It's still Wolfenstein but it looks like you're seeing it through a smudged window.

The Good

Wolfenstein 3D in general, is great. Music, Graphics, engine, gameplay, story, etc. were all very well done, indeed. A true classic, and definitely one of the great old-school FPSs. The animation of creatures (I say this because of the dogs) getting blasted is very well animated. Sound FX are good, too. And the German dialogue was a very nice touch, and the people even sound German!

The Bad

The SNES version's graphics were obviously based on the DOS version's but they were minimized, due to the limitations of the Super Nintendo. Also, I find this FPS particularly confusing in terms of mazes and such, which is largely due to repeated "tiles" being used for walls, therefore making it look very monotonous in its appearance. In addition to that, the one-color ceilings were annoying. Also, this cartridge is pretty rare, which probably means big bucks, and you could most likely get the DOS version cheaper from id, with their excellent download system at their homepage. You could probably get a 486 for cheaper than an SNES, too....

The Bottom Line

Wolfenstein 3D for the SNES is find if you don't mind the graphics. And don't be surprised if you play it-- your screen is probably not as dirty as it looks!