Yoshi's Cookie Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Main Menu
Main menu (Japanese version)
Action Mode: Set-up screen
Action Mode: Stage Start
Action Mode: Line up same types of cookies either horizontally or vertically to clear the screen and advance to the next round
Action Mode: If the cookies overload, the game will be over
Puzzle Mode: Set-up screen
Puzzle Mode: Line-up the cookies using only the indicated number of moves (displayed in the top right box)
Puzzle Mode: Upon completing a stage, you will receive a password that you can use to continue game later
VS mode: Set-up screen
VS mode: Select your character
VS mode: Line-up the 5 cookies to clear them. Yoshi-cookies can be used as weapons against your opponents.
VS mode: The first to make 25 matches wins.